It was during the night of 6 June, year 1796, it happend, the natural disaster that changed everything, where Storforsen fell silent and left in its wake a dry canyon, which today is a nature reserve and future heritage.

Among the stones, rocks and damp pits, you can walk on wooden paths who takes you on an historical hiking back in time. Hear the story of Vildhussen, the man who was digging a new channel for timber floating but that ended in a new riverbed. The adventure will take you down in the case where the result of human action and the forces of nature, are creating an experience worth remembering.

Take the opportunity to grab a coffee in the cafeteria, while looking out over the valley, when you visit this place.

Döda Fallets naturreservat
844 94 Bispgården

Telephone: +46 (0)696-68 10 90
Website: Döda Fallet

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