The fantastic suspension bridge, (Hängbron), over the river Indalsälven between Österede and Edesmoarna in Ragunda Valley was built in 1914. The entire length is 109 meter and the purpose for the construction was to create a safe and secure connection between both sides of the river.

The bridge was once heavily used by the locals, and especially school children who lived on the southern side and attended school in Ede, but also the sales men and the odd joker made their way over the bridge. As it became less used, the timber rotted and for a number of years it was not able to be used at all.  But in 2006 an initiative saw the cultural historically significant bridge restored by Hängbrons Vänner, “Friends of the Bridge”. Through EU-money, sponsors and many unpaid hours of work, the bridge was reinstated for use in September 2006!

Today the bridge is a lovely destination for a pick nick and forms part of a system of nature walks that take you along the Indalsälven River and Döda Fallet.  To get down to the bridge you go off at the rest area Österede by state highway 87, or you gain access from Edesmoarna (signposted).

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