Tapping sounds, self-moving rocking chairs, criers, a madonna in a mirror and audible steps in the stairs are only some of the inexplicable things that people, who have slept at the Spökprästgården in Borgvattnet, have witnessed.

The vicarage was completed in 1876 and almost 90 years later, the stories begin of how people have been thrown out of the now infamous rocking chair, had their washing thrown off the washing line and awoken in the middle of the night to a newly appeared sofa with 3 ladies upon its seat, heard heartbreaking and sharp cries as well as seen the art fly off the walls!

Those who are brave can spend the night here!  If you do not feel like an entire night here, you can grab a “fika” in the cafe, or just try to sit in the rocking chair.  This famous piece of furniture has been in the property of famous Swedish balladeer Povel Ramel, and has made appearances on Swedish TV on the show “Hylands hörna” where even Sickan Karlsson och Simon Brehm tried its charm. Spökprästgården has featured several times over the years on TV shows about the supernatural world, such as “Ghosthunters”, “Det Okända” and Aftonbladet viral TV.

Borgvattnet 702
844 95 Stugun

Telephone: 070-287 76 78
Email: info@borgvattnet.eu
Website: borgvattnet.eu

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